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Alessandro Gasparini

Elegance for us is


Italian lifestyle

Elegent Pairs


Mocasso is a "Milanese" slang than means moccasin.

I have always been a loafer lover and the idea for Mocasso came to me when I was looking for a loafer which was versatile, had rich material, was well made and stylish. I could find on the market the way I was I wanted it and I decided to make it for myself.

Mocasso is inspired from loafer of the past that used to have lower throat line, showing more of the instep, the shape is less pointy and sightly rounded, like an "almond" shape. To me this is a very versatile look and can both be elegante and casual a the same time, depending on the outfit of the day.


We take inspiration from the past to shape the future: style, timeless and craftsmanship are our driving force to every day elegance in men's wardrobe.


At ALESSANDRO GASPARINI we are inspired by the past to shape the future; through reinterpretation of the classics with a relaxed and casual approach; emphasis and promote style, craftsmanship, timelessness, simplicity and quality.

The Italian way is to "slow down and take your time".

Is the appreciation of the simplicity at its best; but with style.


We believe in style and timelessness.

For us style is timeless, to be timeless we need quality and craftsmanship that stand the test of time. A well made product the more it ages the better it looks.

The most stylish men had strong confidence about themselves and yet they showed it in a very simple way.

We want to create style through products that are not seasonal and can alway be relevant for many years to come.