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Who we are

At Alessandro Gasparini, we value craftsmanship, quality, timeless style, and understated elegance.
We are covertly creating a lifestyle brand that is modelled by the refined, and simplistic Mediterranean way of living.
Style is what we value, not fashion. Our goal is to provide high-quality and durable products that get better and more attractive over time as they are used by our customers. 
We identify as a style brand. We don't adhere to any specific trend or season and only produce a limited and exclusive amount of new products when we feel they are ready.



100% made in italy

We support craftsmanship (the art of BEN FATTO), which has a long history of excellence and has been handed down from generation to generation.We only incorporate the best materials on the market without compromising on quality. All our collections are exclusively made and in limited batches.


style creator

With personality and flair, we aim to empower the modern man.We prefer to design items that are timeless, elegant, and stay with our customers for many years, helping to define their style and individuality.Being an independent brand, we have the freedom to introduce new collections whenever we believe the products to be sufficiently ready.